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Monday, June 27, 2011

Gloomy Day

Another day, another sorrow to contemplate
Another day, another sad face to paint
When will it end? Will it ever stop?
When will I learn to smile through the pain?

'Coz another day passed it's finally getting through to me
I've been crying 'till I get to sleep
I still haven't figured out the reason behind the tears
But I keep failing to see through this gloomy day.

Another night, another battle to fight
Another night, another prayer to say
Is this what's left of me? Am I pushing this too deep?
Is there nothing else to do? why can't I let go?

I try to block all the bouts of fears that comes
But when twilight comes the battle ends
No matter how hard I try, I keep losing myself
Through this gloomy day I can't see myself

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