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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm so pissed of today. Why on earth do I get the blame when I'm the one who tried everything to do everything?
I TRULY HATE THIS DAY!!!!! Nothing, AND I MEAN NOTHING, could ever make this day perfect. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!

so angry,
djRtp_aNniE '09

Monday, July 20, 2009


This day is soOoOoo tiring. I was sort of hoping I could just lay back and read (again) the Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows. but unfortunately this day turns out to be so hectic and so demanding.


Anyways, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince finally hits the theaters. Unfortunaly, not still here on where I live. So I'm patiently and eagerly waiting for its release here.

So that's that for now. See you all soon.

all smiles,
djRtp '09

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Paper Cut (part 4 of 6)

(My own Black Hole)

Coz I watched it all went crashing down
I just couldn't stop staring
Couln't move a single limb
Just to try to escape

Couln't shout your name and ask for help
And you're nowhere to be seen
The blood dripping from me
Coz of this paper cut

Coz I watched it all went crashing down
I just couldn't stop staring
Couln't move a single limb
Just to try to escape

Couln't shout your name and ask for help
And you're nowhere to be seen
The blood dripping from me
Coz of this paper cut


Finally! The most awaited event of my collge first examination! Speaking of which, I think I'm doing great. It's not execllent, but at least it is great. I hope to do better to the coming exams and do the best that I could.

all smiles,

djRtp '09

P.S. Harry potter and the HAlf Blood Prince, the most awaited movie of my whole life, has finally, FINALLY, arrived!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Paper Cut (part 3 of 6)

I'm standing here
Lost in my own world
Not noticing I'm waiting,
Waiting for your coming home

And I watched as all seasons change;
Winter, summer, spring and fall
And the sound of blood dripping
Echoing in these four walls.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I've Done It!

Wohoo! I finally was able to ace one of my quiz. And really it's about time. After studying so hard, and memorizing stuffs, I was able to get the perfect score in our quiz in HRM 12-Lab. God I'm so proud of myself.
Ohhh.. The day of our1st examination is getting nearer and nearer and I'm getting edgier and edgier every moment. But I'm also still having fun (I've just borrowed a new novel from the library, hehehe).

I'm soooo never gonna change(not that I want to, hey! I LOVE MYSELF)

Well, I'e gotta go, still have class in a few minutes.

all smiles & xoxo,
djRtp '09

Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh,oh.. Prelim Exam Alert!

It's no doubt, being a student is very hand work and not to mention expensive. And speaking of such, next week would be the "terro week," examination will start, and honestly I'm so excited. And I truly don't know why. I feel so weird, really, really weird.

i'm sooooo excited this month of July because it's Harry Potter month. And after almost 2 years of waiting, finally the Half-Blood Prince is ON!

I gotta eat my lunch now, so it's time to say goodbye.

djRtp '09

Paper Cut (part 2 0f 6)

But it all went crashig down before my eyes
I counldn't stop staring
Counln't move a finger
To try to sort it all out

I couldn't shout a single word
Not even shout out "help!"
And you're no where to be seen
You're to where to heal my cut, the paper cut

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hilary Duff will be entering the social elite circle of Upper East High! She's actually gonna play a movie star in the 3rd season of my most loved and most adored t.v. series.
Oh my, oh my, I'm so excited on seeing Hilary Duff once again. I've so missed her so much.

HUGE smiles and XOXO,
djRtp '09

QUIZ malfunction.. sigh.

Of all the things that could happen in my inexsistance, after all the stuying I've done yesterday noon on my quiz for HRM 11 I failed because of a slight "malfunction."
I actually wasted at least 8 point (8 points!) because of this "glinch." And you know what it truly did disappoint me, because for once in my entire inexistance I actually study hard, and waht did I get? A FAILING GRADE! nothing less.
Sigh, I guess I just have to work harder. Really and truly harder. This is the path I have taken and I should stand firm with it. It's a lesson learned.
So next time I'll be more careful!..


All smiles and xoxo,
djRtp '09

Paper Cut (part 1 of 6)

(Inspired by Lindsay Lohan's song, Black Hole)

I'm rereading all the letters'
As I'm lying on the floor
Reliving all the sweet filled words
While shedding a tear or two
Remembering the good times and the fights.

I truly thought that this is it
The final romance,
The happy ever of my life
But I couln't be that much wrong...