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Monday, February 27, 2012

Last Few Words

It keeps ringing inside my head
The last few words you've once said
I guess it sounds something like this:
"I swear my love for you would never end."

And I keep holding unto my breath
Standing still, keeping my eyes unwet
I know I sound a little too desperate
But baby with you gone, I just can't live.

And I keep holding to your last few words
Still hoping you would somehow remember
That I am still here, waiting patiently
Holding on to your last few words to me.

I feel my heart beating so rapidly
And I don't know what's happening to me
Baby can't you feel the pain in me?
'Coz I need you so badly here today.

And I still remember it goes like this:
"I swear my love for you would never end."

by Joanie Gales

I Can

I do try my best
But it seems I've got too many emotional baggage
I try to stay cool
Play and pretend I'm all okay
But not today...

I'll show what I'm truly made of
Soon you'll see me much better
And it's sooner than what you'd expect
I'll rock your world, be the center of your universe
Not because I want, but because I can.

Never wanted to be seen
I just wanna live each day unnoticed
But all the shouts that I can hear
All the voices that all whispers
So today...

I'm not backing up, not breaking down
I'm gonna face my fears, I'll shut you out
Soon you'll realize I'm made of sterner stuff
I'll prove you wrong, make you see reason
Not because I want, but because I can.

Red: Rage (Cover)

In a mockery of a drunken state
When the mind is muddled in a haze
The fire is burning inside
Eating your sanity alive.

As the tinge of red covers and mists
As you try to get hold onto your fists
To wreak havoc and go unto a stupor
The anger grows and slowly pours.

The thunder pass, the lightning strucks
But the cold stays on to watch
Though the storm had gone and subside
The rage remains at high tide.

Through the dark heavens
Through the raging seas
The emotions go ponder
Reflecting the chaotic wonder.



. .i'm now part of the URIAN PUBLICATION of our university.. .how's that??


after months.. .and months.. .and months..

.. of non-existence in my so-called blog..


. .i'm back!!!

just as lazy as ever.. .so, don't expect me to ever be changing.. .


Monday, September 19, 2011

Match Me If You Can

“I think this is the way love feels to people like you and me. Threatening and dangerous. We have to be in control, and love takes that away. People like us… We can't tolerate vulnerability. But despite our best efforts, sooner or later love seems to catch up with us. And then…And then we fall apart.”

Match Me If You Can

“You're beautiful, every part of you. I love your hair, the way it looks, the way it feels. I love touching it, smelling it. I love the way you wrinkle your nose when you laugh. It makes me laugh, too, every time. And I love watching you eat. Sometimes you can't shovel it in fast enough, but when you get interested in a conversation, you forget there's anything in front of you. God knows, I love making love with you. I can't even talk about that without wanting you. I love your pathetic attachment to those seniors. I love how hard you work.”