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Thursday, March 10, 2011

God's Music

I live for music, music is my life. Each lyrics in a song, each key in it's melody speaks through to me. I worship music, I worship God. He's the Almighty who provided food for my soul. Each word that I write, each symbols I bring to life is the testimony of God's unwavering love.

I listen with my heart, and I feel it in my soul. The meanings and the secrets that is yet to be unraveled. A wounded heart, a joyous soul, are the emotions that are portrayed with a strum of the guitar, a key on the piano. In our Father's hand, He gave us ways to live life. It's more than the words, more than the melody; music is a way for us to reach our Almighty, and a way for me to pour out all the emotions that are too much to kept silent.

God provides us all our needs. He knows so much that He gave gave me my own mouth to speak, and no, it's not part of my face, nor is it the part that utter the words. It's music. It's the speaker, and my mouthpiece, a way for me to be heard. It's the songs and the melodies that speaks fro me. Gos have known way before I was born, that's why God provided what I needed the most. A way to speak more than what my mouth could say the words, a way to listen more than my ears could distinguished the sounds and words, and a way to understand more than my mind can process the information.

So, if ask why music is so important, why my life can't be lived without this vital thing? Because, this is the way for me to communicate to you, and most especially to HIM, the only way for me to show my whole being. Music provides me ways to understand myself, to show the whole world who I AM. That is why living with the noise, the sound and the echoes, is the way I choose to live, for this is the way I am created.

I live for music, music is my life also equals to: I live for God, God is my life.

(an original composition of yurs truly...joei q.g.)

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