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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yehey! After the consecutive bad lucks that pass my way, finally (truly FINALLY!!!!) there has been something to be truly thankful and happy about. And it had been so unexpected and so huge (HUGE!!) that I still can't get over it so... to break all the thrills I'm gonna spill the beans......

........ we (Noella a Paris) won 3rd place in the 2nd La Cumida Grande Empaque, the semestral competition/ culminating program in the HRM students Culinary subject. It was held las tOctober 07, 2009 and though it had been a week ago, I still feel victorous because it had(like what was stated) so unexpected that I still couln't grip the reality and it still feel like I'm in a haze. A good haze this time. But sadly afterwards, the chaotic world called FINAL EXAMS arrives and crashed and ruined the moment. And then, way before I could ever have some rest (a REAL and ABSOLUTE, LONG rest) there goes the

Well gotta say bye-bye. Still got an exam in a couple of minutes..


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