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Monday, February 27, 2012

I Can

I do try my best
But it seems I've got too many emotional baggage
I try to stay cool
Play and pretend I'm all okay
But not today...

I'll show what I'm truly made of
Soon you'll see me much better
And it's sooner than what you'd expect
I'll rock your world, be the center of your universe
Not because I want, but because I can.

Never wanted to be seen
I just wanna live each day unnoticed
But all the shouts that I can hear
All the voices that all whispers
So today...

I'm not backing up, not breaking down
I'm gonna face my fears, I'll shut you out
Soon you'll realize I'm made of sterner stuff
I'll prove you wrong, make you see reason
Not because I want, but because I can.

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