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Monday, December 6, 2010

Countdown: 44 Days to Go!!

I'm so excited. 44 more days to go, and guess what: it's my 18th Birthday!!! Don't know why I'm so freaking excited getting older, and to think there will be no party for me, but I guess it's all about getting to the stage where I am considered an adult and my voice as an individual has more chance of being heard.

Anyways, party or no party, gifts or no gifts, all I really want is to be greeted on my very special day. And to think it's a Wednesday and in between Midterm Exams, all I could thin of is: what the heck?. I mean, come on, in between major examinations? I'm doomed.

Well, whatever. I will just be glad that I'm gonna be turning 18 soon.



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