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Friday, November 20, 2009

Forgetful Me!!!

Okay, its November and in a less than 2 months 17th birthday here I come!!

So maybe that's the reason why I'm getting so forgetful. I forget lota and various stuff, important or not. And truly its getting annoying because I don't considerstuffs I forget unimportant. They have their own value at their own valuable time. Sigh...

I'm so trying hard to remenber what the hell is my facebook account. The hell, I guess I just have to change it, but what a bother. Anyways, its a bad topic for my first November entry but what can I do? It's my blog anyway, so you can't do anything. Heheheheh....

I love freedom!!!

You might think you hate me, but you know that deep inside you know that YOU LOVE ME;


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